Useful Wood Flooring Facts and Tips


When it comes to flooring, nothing compares to wood flooring that has been a popular choice for the longest possible time. There is just something warm, formal, and beautiful about wood floors that make them idea for any room. Besides these things, what makes them very much popular will be their being affordable and eco-friendly as well. You will never get bored with wood flooring because it also come with a lot of varieties. You will never have a hard time maintaining wood floors. Additionally, your home can have an increased value when you choose wood floors, making them a worthy investment. Currently, the designs for wood flooring have increased allowing for the possibility of unique and more personalized designs. These could include the use of exotic wood, stain, mixed media, painting, hand-distressing, medallions, and borders. This article will serve as a buyer’s guide to wood flooring.

Among the many wood flooring options at out there, be sure to take note a few stuff that will let you find the right one for you. Before you go about buying any wood flooring option, be sure to think about your budget. Be sure to assess what kind of wood you want to use, what design or style you want, how much traffic the place where you have your wood floors installed will be having, the color of your furniture and walls, what maintenance measures you must consider, and so on. You should also be able to determine the length of time your wood floors will be installed. Also, do not forget to check the guarantees, warranties, and license that your wood flooring contractor offers.

For your wood flooring, take note that you have a wide selection of styles, types, cuts, grades, and species to choose from. In terms of cuts, you have the riftsawn, quarter sawn, and plainsawn variants. In terms of grades, you have first, second, third, common, select, and clear. Parquet is one example wood flooring style where various flooring pieces are put together to form a geometric design. You also have the plank hardwood flooring where wider and linear planks of wood are used. When you still want a linear wooden flooring style option but the planks are not that wide, you should be getting the strip kind of wooden flooring style. For more facts, visit

Engineered wood floors, engineered wood floors, unfinished wood floors, pre-finished wood floors, and solid wood floors, meanwhile, are your wood floor options in terms of type. Glued, floated, and nail/stapled are your different options of wood floors as well based on how they will be installed. The colors, dimensions, and patterns that you choose for your wood floors also help to keep them as unique and personalized as they can be. You may click here to get details.


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